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Looking for a trusted concrete removal contractor in Perth? Concrete removal is an economical solution that property owners can opt to if repair is no longer feasible or if resurfacing is not a practical option.  Concrete removal is something that should only be done by professional and certified concreters. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Concrete Removal Perth. 

Concrete is a very durable material and will last for years, but it does require maintenance from time to time. Over a long period of time, your concrete can wear out. When this happens, you can trust our team to safely remove concrete and replace it with a new driveway. Our Perth concrete driveway removal service is second to none. We can remove your existing concrete driveway, or replace it with a new one. We can also remove any old paving slabs and bring your driveway back to its original condition.

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Conditions For Concrete Removal

Deep, widespread cracks – Concrete driveways with deep and widespread cracks may call for removal and complete replacement of concrete. It can be due to weight of large trucks, improper preparation of sub grade, erosion of sub grade, and many different reasons.

Concrete slabs that have sunk – This can occur when the subgrade was not prepared properly.  Loose dirt can mix with the concrete, causing it to slab over time. Moreover, concrete driveways that lack structural support can easily slab after being pressured by weight from passing vehicles.

Concrete slabs are showing signs of frost heave – Frost heave is very common in cold climates. This happens when the moisture in the ground freezes and the concrete is pushed upward. Concrete removal is the ideal solution for this because it can cause accidents.

Concrete slabs are showing severe spalling – Pitting or spalling on the surface can cost more when repaired than when replaced.  That is why we recommend concrete removal for this problem. The cause of this is mainly due to the presence of salts in the concrete mixture. These salts release water when exposed to sunlight, which causes them to expand and crack the concrete slab. So how do we fixed spalling? The concrete was poured over a precast concrete form with a monolithic shape. The slab was then cured for 24 hours in an ambient environment before being placed on site. The slab is going to be placed in two separate areas of the project: one at ground level and one at approximately 5 feet above ground level (AGL).

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Concrete Removal Techniques - Pressure Bursting

Pressure bursting can be utilized in locations that are relatively silent and dust-free. Both mechanical and synthetic pressure bursting split the substantial, either with a parting machine working on water driven pressure given by an engine on account of mechanical bursting, or through the inclusion of an extensive slurry into a pre-decided example of boreholes on account of chemical bursting. The split cement is then effectively eliminated, either the hard way or by crane.

Another way to remove concrete is Hydraulic and chemical pressure, which also breaks up the concrete structure with minimum noise and flying debris.  Both methods involve using lateral forces inside the cement, and abruptly working their way up. Since concrete is an extremely solid material, you can expect the method to be slightly drastic but maximum safety protocols will be always in place.

Mechanical Bursting Highlights

  • Inexpensive, quiet no vibration
  • Initial drilling of holes for splitter
  • It controls crack direction and movement of demolished concrete can be difficult
  • Hand-held or machine-mounted breaker may b required to expose reinforcing bars for cutting