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Need a concrete grinding service in Perth? We provide complete and reliable concrete grinding services in Perth. Grinding can be a part of concrete preparation prior to the application of coatings and finishings such as epoxy or pure concrete mixes. It can remove coatings, stains, and other elements that make the concrete less conducive to adhesion.

Concrete can be ground either wet or dry.  Most business prefer wet applications to prevent concrete dust from going everywhere, especially for driveway works. You can trust our concrete contractors to do the job well and safely.

 So how do grind concrete? Rough grinding can start with a coarse metal bond tool, usually around 40-grit. Once the surface is ground, we can start the finer grinding.  WE will utilize 80-grit and finish it with a 120-grit tools, depending on what is more ideal for your concrete driveway or flooring. Each step will require at least 2 passes over the whole surface to make sure that the surface will be better and smoother. To harden the surface, we can apply a liquid chemical and leave it there for at least 30 minutes until everything has completely dried up. If you need more information, you can contact our team.

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What are the benefits of Concrete Grinding?

Saves time and money. Concrete grinding sets aside time and money over other floor renovation processes. Not only does it make a home renovation less tedious, but it helps you enjoy a more economical solution.

Improves Place Security. Concrete grinding can turn a rough, dangerous surface into a smooth, hard surface. This makes it ok for property holders and guests to stroll on without hazard of injury. On driveways and garages, concrete grinding can make for a calmer, and much smoother surface for vehicles.

Preps the cement for projects. Old cement can become lopsided throughout the long term. On the off chance that a project worker is introducing wood or tile floors over a substantial floor, it helps for it to be smooth. Likewise, the new ground surface won’t require consistent fixes as gapping happens.

Epoxy Floor Finish. Concrete grinding is a fantastic method for setting up a story for an epoxy floor finish. These floors are brilliant, solid, and simple to clean. They oppose water and oil stains, making them last longer than conventional ground surface.

It’s Customizable. Concrete grinding will eliminate old oil stains effectively by skimming off the top layer of cement. Concrete grinding can be redone to leave a particular measure of surface. Various epoxies need various surfaces to hold and set. 

Better for the Climate. Concrete grinding produces less contamination and waste than substitute ground surface choices. It utilizes less unrefined substances and no unsafe synthetic compounds. Because of its life span, it is a more supportable choice.

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